Institutional Effectiveness

Now, more than ever, colleges and universities are faced with evaluating the effectiveness of their academic programs in meeting their goals. Program assessment and the measurement of institutional effectiveness is quickly becoming a fundamental process within higher education administration, and PCG offers services across all aspects of this process. Whether your institution is concerned with the use of assessment to meet regional accreditation requirements or solely to inform continuous improvement of student learning outcomes, we have the necessary expertise to help meet your goals.

Penfield Consulting Group offers comprehensive consultation services across all aspects of higher education assessment, including:

  • Developing a comprehensive assessment plan to evaluate institutional effectiveness
  • Developing assessment plans for individual academic programs
  • Measurement of student growth related to general education curricula
  • Assessing student learning outcomes
  • Longitudinal tracking of data related to student learning outcomes
  • Delivering professional development to faculty in the area of program assessment

Penfield Consulting Group can work closely with your institution’s administration and faculty to develop an assessment process that will inform the learning outcomes of your institution’s students. We offer professional development to faculty in how to define learning outcomes, identify the most effective approaches to evaluating student performance on the outcomes, interpreting the obtained results, and using the results to drive continuous improvement.