Assesment & Measurement

The use of assessments to measure individuals’ traits and progress has become a cornerstone of education, institutional effectiveness, and organizational development. The results of assessments can provide powerful data that informs the strengths and weaknesses of individuals, and offers important information about how to best help individuals improve. However, developing assessments and generating valid data from assessments can be a complex process that requires specialized expertise.

Penfield Consulting Group has the expertise to assist in all forms of assessment development and measurement analysis.

We have extensive experience providing consultation in assessment and measurement to institutions of higher education, K-12 education organizations, and businesses and organizations seeking to track growth and effectiveness. From the development of rubrics to evaluate student performance to the use of tests and instruments to measure knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors, Penfield Consulting Group has the expertise to establish an appropriate assessment plan and analyze the collected data to inform status and growth on the desired outcomes. We have broad expertise in the process of assessment development, validation, and the use of modern measurement analytic techniques (e.g., item response theory and Rasch measurement) to address practical assessment needs.